You are responsible for your own success (or failure). Following the fundamental rules of commercial real estate selling success will lead to sales success faster than anything else. Here they are:

1. Have a Positive Mental Attitude

Failing to do so will result in sales failure faster than anything else. Your commitment to a positive mental attitude will put you on the path to unstoppable commercial real estate sales success. This is a fundamental success principal.

2. Believe You Can

Are you familiar with the well-known saying: You can achieve what your mind can conceive? Your beliefs are the most important sales tool you possess; use them well!

3. Set Goals

Goals are your roadmap to success.

4. Learn Sales Fundamentals Daily

Never stop learning how to sell. Learn something new everyday and then execute.

5. Understand your Clients Problems and Be the Solution

Ask the right questions and be able to offer a solution specific to your clients needs. Top producers do this with excellence.

6. Sell to Help

Be in business to help your client and the commissions will follow.

7. Establish Long-term Relationships

Simple, we are in the relationship business. Treat yours like gold. Connect with yours regularly.

8. Believe in Your Service

Be committed to providing the best service in your niche. If you believe your client will be best served by using you, it becomes the truth.

9. Be Prepared

The level of your preparation will predict your success. This is not the place to fudge! If you’re well prepared you will win the assignment.

10. Be Sincere

If you are sincere about helping it will show.

11. Qualify the Buyer/Lessee

Nothing wastes your time faster than working with unqualified clients. If you aren’t super at qualifying brush up on this skill immediately. This is especially true in commercial real estate today as a result of this “new economy” we find ourselves in.

12. Be on time, always

There is no excuse for lateness, period. Being late for an appointment shows disrespect; in fact, be 10 minutes early.

13. Look professional

If you look professional it is a positive reflection on you, your company and your service.

14. Features are OUT, Benefits are IN

Get in the habit of letting your prospects know how your listing, property, or service will help instead of telling them about features. People “buy” solutions.

15. Establish Rapport

Find some common ground early in the relationship. Maybe it’s golf, tennis or even your love for running. Perhaps you both have small children and can trade funny stories. Establish a bond.

16. Use Humor

Have fun with your client or project.

17. Be Honest

This one is simple; don’t get caught in a web of lies or exaggerations. It’s much easier to be honest. And, bad news is better than no news.

18. Keep Your Promises

Under promise, over deliver — you’ll be impressive. Keep your word when you do promise, it will be remembered.

19. Don’t Slam Your Competition

If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. Following this golden rule left over from childhood will keep you out of trouble and will make you look good, always.

20. Know What You Offer

Whether you are leasing a property, representing a tenant, or producing a sale – know your product and client well, it will save you embarrassment.

21. Have Lots and Lots of Testimonials

Few commercial real estate representatives actually make a point of collecting testimonials. Testimonials act as “social proof”. You can never have too many. And, when a prospect sees them, it is very reassuring.

22. Look For Signs the Client is Ready to Buy

If your client is ready to pull the trigger, go for it or you risk losing the deal. TIME KILLS ALL DEALS.

23. Anticipate Objections

Rehearse answers to common objections.

24. Overcome Objections

Be familiar with all of the objections you may hear and be prepared to answer them. This is an area many fail. Be solution oriented.

25. Ask For the Sale!

SIMPLE, ask for the sale. This may seem easy but often time neglected.

26. Ask Lots of Questions and Then Be Quiet

Do yourself a favor and carry around an index card with 100 common questions that will help you be the best and then use them! The one who asks the most questions wins at the end of the day.

27. Get the “Meeting”

The goal of prospecting is to get new clients; but you only want to meet with pre-qualified prospects. If you aren’t superb at qualifying, it is worth your time to improve this skill; it will save you lots of time in the long run.

28. Follow Up, Always

Please make this a habit. The lack of follow-up is the number one reason assignments are taken away and given to another broker.

29. Learn to Acknowledge Rejection

The goal of a good salesman is to get to a “no” and then be able to discern if it’s really a “no” and you need to put the prospect in the “dead” file or if you need to persevere.

30. Be Comfortable With Change

Change is part of today’s business world so it’s a good idea to get used to it. In fact, change is good!

31. Follow Rules

This one is hard for me and I have had to work hard at getting better at it, but the truth is rules aren’t just for others; they apply to you as well.

32. Have a Team

Just like the saying “It takes a village to raise a child.”, it takes a team to get a deal done nowadays. And, I am not referring to a team of brokers, but a team possibly including a lawyer, architect, space planner, assistant, marketing director, and so on…be resource rich with possible team members.

33. Work Hard – Every Day

There is no shortcut to success. Successful people simply work harder.

34. Take Responsibility

Take responsibility and fix the things that need to be fixed without placing blame or finger pointing.

35. Know When to Be Persistent

The key is to know when to persist and when to back off. You learn this with experience.

36. Develop Your Success Formula Through Numbers

Determine how many leads, calls, appointments, proposals, presentations and so on that you need in order to land a client and ultimately a commission.

37. Be Passionate

Be the best and do what you love. Sales, leasing, consulting, whatever.

38. Be Memorable

Create great memories for your prospects and clients through superb service and follow up.

39. Have Fun!

This is one of my top values – I like to have fun with my work!

Success is being confident and performing at your best resulting in winning experiences. Failure is simple a lack of good planning and execution.

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