When it comes to selling or leasing commercial or retail real estate, you can use a pre-listing kit to great effect. The strategy of providing a pre-listing kit is to show the client that you really are agents that know how to solve local property problems and that you have done just that for plenty of other people.

The structure of the kit will vary with the property type and the location, but the contents will generally include some or all of the following:

  1. You will need to put your personal profile at the front of the kit so the client knows something about you and your local successes with office, industrial, or retail property.
  2. Provide some information about your local real estate office and the history of the business. The key here is to show that you really do know your local area and have been a part of successful property transactions for some time.
  3. A selection of staff photos together with a statement of experience will be valuable. If you cover sales, leasing, and property management, the client can see that you really do know how to solve the property challenges in the local area.
  4. An overview of sales and leasing strategies together with examples of property marketing will allow the client to see what can be done and how they can approach the listing of their property. Make sure that the examples provided are of quality properties in the same category of the subject property. This will help the client to see what can be done with their property.
  5. Testimonials from other commercial clients are always useful, and give some confidence to the client in dealing with you as a local agent.
  6. Examples of past sales and leases should be available in the kit. The properties should be local and the transactions should have occurred in the last 12 months. Choose properties that are of a type that is similar to the subject property.
  7. Include a statement about your marketing processes and database as a ‘teaser’ to show your experience and relevance later when you meet with them.
  8. Include some form of Commercial Property Sales (or Leasing) Guide for the client to review in preparation for your meeting with them.

When you use this strategy, the client is prepared for the meeting and is ready to ask the right questions. The use of a pre-listing kit is a professional process of great value to the listing conversion and sales pitch.

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